Implemented projects of 2012

Projects and fields of concern in 2012

I. Preparing and conducting the First National Palliative and Hospice Care Congress, (26-27th of September, 2012), with financial support from International Renaissance Foundation. The Congress was included in the event list of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Newsletter number 29-C – 2012). The Congress was attended by almost 300 participants, including foreign partners from Austria, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Belarus, the USA. As a result, Resolution on the Development of Palliative Care in Ukraine was adopted and submitted to Executive Office of the President, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Parliament of Ukraine.


The results of the event:

Resolution on the Development of Palliative Care in Ukraine was adopted, which was submitted Executive Office of the President, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Parliament of Ukraine;

Strategy for the Development of Palliative Care in Ukraine for 2013 – 2022 years worked out;

Results of the National Survey on Needs Assessment in Palliative Care presented;

The first issue of the newsletter “Palliative Care” published;

Congress Collection of Abstracts published.

II. Holding workshops and conferences

Workshop on “Possibilities of providing palliative care for children in Kyiv”. The workshop brought together representatives from the Kyiv Department of Maternal and Child Health, Kyiv Department of Health, pediatricians and medical professionals from Kyiv, who provide palliative care. Experience in organizing and providing palliative care to children were shared by CEO of the St. Petersburg children’s hospice Archpriest Alexander Tkachenko and Deputy General Director Irina Gimova. The event took place at Kyiv Hospital № 2 on October 12, 2012.

Workshop on “Palliative care strategy in Germany”.  German experience in the sphere was shared by the Executive Director of the Bavarian Hospice and Palliative Association, Executive Director of the Bavarian Palliative and Hospice Care Union, the Chairman of the German Palliative and Hospice Care Union Dr. Erich Rösch. The event was attended by the Heads of Kyiv Health and Social Welfare Departments. The meeting resulted in signing the Protocol of Intent on further cooperation in the field of palliative and hospice care between the League and the Bavarian Hospice and Palliative Association (October 25, 2012).

Interfaith International Conference for the clergy on “The Role of Churches and Religious Organizations in the Development and Providing of Palliative Care”. World experience in taking care of terminally ill patients was shared by a special guest from Italy, Professor of International Theological Pastoral Institute (Rome), Father Arnaldo Pangrazzii. Father Arnaldo delivered a lecture on “Holistic Treatment, Spiritual and Psychological Counseling in Palliative Care” and on “Enneagram of Personality”. As the result the Agreement on Cooperation in the field of palliative care in Ukraine between the League and the Churches and religious organizations was signed on February 1, 2012.

III. Screening documentary “Step behind the Skyline”, which describes stories of three incurable patients.

IV. Organizing official socio-political event on the World Palliative Care Day, held under the auspices of the Kiev City State Administration. The event was attended by representatives of medical, scientific, educational spheres, famous artists, politicians, community leaders, clergy and the media. The event took place on October 11, 2012.

Results of the event:

At behest of the Mayor of Kyiv additional funds were allocated to medical professionals providing palliative care in Kyiv, with the aim of their motivation. Salary increased by 50% and premium is being paid monthly, which increased the interest in providing palliative care by health care professionals.

V. Within World Palliative Care Day charity event took place with the aim to support palliative care unit of Kyiv Hospital № 2. Trees and flowers were planted; also benches were installed on the territory of the hospital. Volunteers raised funds for the needs of palliative care unit. The event took place with the financial support of International Renaissance Foundation on October 13, 2012.

VI. Fostering international cooperation. As part of the “Polish Aid” programme the group of experts of NGO “Ukrainian Palliative and Hospice Care League” visited palliative care institutions in Poland, Germany and Italy. Ukrainian experts became acquainted with European experience of the palliative and hospice care organization, visited a number of institutions, including hospice of St. Lazarus in Krakow, Poland; Hospice of St. Kryshtof and medico-social institution “Caritas” in Warsaw, St. Willibrord Home for elderly people (“Caritas”) in Munich, hospice and interdisciplinary palliative care unit in Landshut, Bavaria, hospice Germogli of Antea Association, Italy. Currently, League’s Group of Experts is working on finding a suitable model for Ukraine, which meets all international standards and best practices, takes into account the needs and specifics of palliative care in Ukraine.