Implemented projects of 2011

Projects and fields of concern in 2011

I. Promoting the improvement of legal framework in the field of palliative care

  • Advocacy for registration and production of morphine tablets in Ukraine ;
  • Advocating adoption of the Ministry of Health Order on the development of palliative care in Ukraine;
  • Advocacy of approval Cabinet of Ministers Decree on narcotic and psychotropic substances and precursors in health care institutions.

Main achievements in this sphere:

  • Morphine tablets registration.  Ministry of Health Order № 77 of             Feb. 1, 2013 on “Registration  (re-registration) of medicinal substances”;
  • Ministry of Health Order № 41 of Jan. 21, 2013 on “Organization of Palliative Care in Ukraine” (procedures for provision of palliative care).

Approved by Ministry of Justice Registration on Feb. 7, 2013.

II. Preparation of inquiries and appeals to the President and the Prime Minister of Ukraine with the request to assist in improving access to adequate pain relief for palliative patients (March 2011), appeals to the rectors and directors of academic medical institutions with the need to implement courses on palliative care.

III. Conducting a number of charity events to raise funds for the needs of incurable patients. Among them:

Charity event on the World Palliative Care Day (October, 2011). Equal shares were transferred to three hospices: in the city of Dubno, Kherson and Kyiv (hospital № 2);

Charitable action “Gingerbread from St. Nicholas. Help palliative patients” (December 2011, raised funds were transferred to palliative care unit, Kyiv hospital № 10).