Our partners

Our partners in State administrative machine

  • National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine
  • Institute of Gerontology named after Chebotarev of  National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine
  • Ministry of Health of Ukraine
    • Ministry of Social Affairs of Ukraine
    • Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
    • State Service for Drug Control
    • Institute of Palliative Care
    • Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after Platon Shupik.

Our partners in NGO sector

  • Kharkov Regional Charitable Foundation “Social Assistance Service”
  • Ukrainian Peace Council
  • Institute of Legal Policy
  • Ukrainian non-governmental organization “Joint Association Socium”
  • Caritas Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Red Cross Society

Our international partners

International Palliative Care Initiative, International Renaissance Foundation and OSF Network Program. In June 2011 we became a member of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC). Our partner is, also, Association Palliative Care of Flanders (FPZV), Caritas Austria, Bayerischer Hospiz – und Palliativverband (BHPV).