Our objectives

The foundation of Ukrainian Palliative and Hospice Care League was initiated by community and took place in December 2011.The League was established with the aim to facilitate the development of palliative care in Ukraine and to ensure the observance of a human right to decent living conditions and medical care.

Who are the founders of the League?

Among the founders of League are community activists involved in the development and provision of palliative care in Ukraine. In particular, the members of the League are:

  • representatives of acting in Ukraine, medical institutions and charitable organizations that provide palliative care in throughout Ukraine;
  • representatives of traditional Ukrainian denominations;
  • representatives of city mayors of Ukraine and city authorities of Kyiv;
  • representatives of the scientific community;
  • medical doctors and nurses;
  • volunteers and social workers;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • elected deputies to regional and district councils, Supreme Council Deputies

 What are the priorities of League?

Our priorities are to facilitate the development of palliative care in Ukraine by:

  • improving the regulatory framework,
  • facilitating an access to analgesia,
  • implementing training programs for doctors, nurses, volunteers on palliative care,
  • development of volunteer movement,
  • rising public awareness and
  • humanization of society as to necessity of care of palliative patients at the end of their lives.